Computing and Networking

Accounts and Passwords

What is a GatorLink account and what do I need it for?

GatorLink is used to access most campus systems, including myUFL, ISIS and UF wireless. Every current student, faculty and employee must have a GatorLink username and password. Certain affiliate groups are also eligible for GatorLink. To use GatorLink, you must agree to UF Acceptable Use Policies. Official university communications are sent to students at the email address that GatorLink provides. Faculty, staff, and students may use this mailbox or may elect to forward mail sent to this address to a different service. Services offered to all current faculty, staff, and students include the mailbox, web space, and optional charged services.

How do I get a GatorLink account?

You can create your account online at by clicking on “GatorLink Account Creation” or you can create it in person at Hub 132. GatorLink offers free baseline services, including a mailbox, email forwarding, plaza web space and campus lab access. A GatorLink computer account is required for UF students, faculty, and staff. Brochures are available in HUB 132, or visit our Help Desk wiki for more information.

Connectivity Options on Campus

All UF faculty, staff and students have access to UF Wireless, walk-up authenticated ports, and computer labs. UF visitors have access to the wireless network, “ufvisitor.” For more information on how to connect on campus, visit our Help Desk Wiki.

What do I do if my GatorLink password is expired?

If your password expired but you remember it, you can visit and click “Change your password”. Once here, a screen will appear prompting you to enter your 8-digit UFID number. You will then be directed to a page that should allow you to change your password on your own.

What do I do if I forgot my GatorLink password?

If you forget your password, but you had previously set up a password hint, you may press on the “Forgot your Password” link at If you did not set up a password hint previously, call the UF Computing Help Desk at (352)392-HELP (4357) for further assistance.

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Campus Network Connections

Campus Network Connections

UF offers a wireless network for users throughout campus. Most new mobile devices—laptops, tablets and phones—will automatically detect if a wireless network is in range.

Note: There is no pre-shared key. If your device asks for a preshared key (PSK) please use 802.1 option.

When accessing the UF wireless network for the first time, users must connect through the ”ufinfo” wireless connection option. Users will only have access to internet pages that allow for configuration of their device. Once the device is in compliance with network security measures, additional wireless connections and internet access becomes available.

For detailed instructions on how to connect, please visit the UF Computing Help Desk wiki.

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Email Services

How do I check my email?

If you have a GatorLink mailbox in Webmail, you can check your email on the web at

If you are using the new Office 365 email service, you can check your email on the web at For more information about migrating to Office 365, please visit

Visit the UF Computing Help Desk Wiki for more information on how to check your email.

How do I set up GatorLink email?

There are multiple ways to view your GatorLink email. One way is to visit the GatorLink Webmail site. If you would like to set up your Gatorlink email on Outlook, an iPhone, or Android phone, please visit the Help Desk Wiki for instructions.

How do I forward my GatorLink email?

Once you’ve moved to Office 365 all email to your address will be delivered to your Office 365 mailbox. You will not be able to automatically forward your email elsewhere.

If you currently forward your email elsewhere, your existing forwarding will end when your migration to Office 365 occurs.

This end to automatic forwarding will affect all UF students over the coming months regardless of whether you opt-in to Office 365.  UF is making this change to ensure student email can be delivered consistently and that UF student email is protected by UF security policy.  The University cannot make these assurances with automatic forwarding in place.

How do I set up my GatorLink email on my phone?

For instructions on how to set up your GatorLink email for Webmail on your iPhone or Android phone, please visit the UF Computing Help Desk wiki.

For instructions on how to set up your Office 365 email on your mobile device, please visit the UFIT wiki.

What is the cloud email service?

O365 student cloud services is a new cloud-based email service that is available as a replacement for Webmail. The new email service provides expanded mailbox storage, integrated calendaring, and access to UF’s global email address list. To learn more about cloud email services, visit the Student Cloud Services website.

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Learning About Computers

Where can I find training for specific software?

UFIT provides free access to all students, faculty, and staff. is UF’s online training resource partner, and has a library of more than 2,250 tutorials. These tutorials range from web development, animation, and video graphics to courses in business software and Microsoft SharePoint training. To access this free training, go to and click on the logo.

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Web Browsers

Supported Browsers For UF Websites

Please visit the UF Computing Help Desk wiki for an extensive list of supported browser by website.

myUFL Browser Requirements

For browser setting requirements for myUFL, please visit the UF Computing Help Desk wiki for step-by-step instructions.

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